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The Powerhouse Team

1. Safe and Eco-friendly Products

Our products are 100% safe and made from natural, eco-friendly sources.

Products used are 100% safe and eco-friendly

2. Certified and Professional / Expert Staff

Our services are delivered via our NADCA and DM certified staff.

Services are delivered by certified and experienced staff.

3. Accredited by International Organizations

Our products, services and processes are in compliance with numerous international organizations including NADCA, QUADCA, ISIAQ, IAQA, NAFA, AIHA, Dubai Municipality, NCCA and IICRC.

4. Latest Technology

Our equipment boasts the latest, most advanced technologies to deliver optimum results.

5. Standardized Procedures

We follow fully compliant and standardized process protocols in the delivery of our services.

6. Excellent Customer Service

Our team of incredibly competent professionals are here to deliver a smooth and seamless customer service experience for you.

7. Excellent Service Delivery / Service Excellence

The combination of standardized processes, advanced technologies and team of certified professionals promises to deliver the highest level of service and excellence.

8. Backed by Trusted brand of Danube Home /Danube Group

Danube Home Services is the flagship home and business services/hospitality venture of the Danube Group conglomerate, and is representative of the sheer excellence and eminence that the brand stands for.

Message From Director

Adel Sajan

"Our goal is to serve our customers with high quality & affordable products sourced from across the globe."

Adel Sajan,
Director Danube Home