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a. We offer a wide range of specialized cleaning services using latest equipment and eco-friendly products. Please refer to our “Services”

a. You can contact us via the following channels;

a. We are located in Jabel Industrial Area 3, New Techno park.

a. We offer the following services;

  • i. Mattress Cleaning & Sanitization
  • ii. Upholstery cleaning & sanitization
  • iii. AC Duct Cleaning
  • iv. Mold Remediation
  • v. Disinfection & Sanitization

a. We are located in Jabel Industrial Area 3, New Techno park.

a. All products used are registered with local authorities. We use certified eco-friendly products.

a. Our services do help with indoor air quality issues. Once vital systems are cleaned and sanitized, Indoor air quality improves. However, our services do not help with structural issues, design flaws or issues related to non-maintenance of the systems.

a. Our services do help with several conditions e.g. allergies and asthma, sneezing and coughing or other such issues arising due to allergens and pollutants. Once levels of allergens/pollutants reduce, it helps with conditions.

b. But our services are not substitute to medical treatments; please consult with your doctor if symptoms persist.

a. We offer specialized cleaning and sanitization services that help in several ways. It is not a fix or substitute for any issues arising due to non-maintenance or design flaws.

a. We understand our customers and their concerns and requirements. Our services are in compliance with international professional bodies and the standards set forth by such entities and are delivered by trained experts using latest technology.

a. We love to listen to our customers to understand their concerns and requirements to offer tailor-made solutions suitable to their needs.

b. An obligation free visit with assessment report and types of services required is offered to all of our customers for excellent service delivery.

a. Our customer happiness team is always at your disposal. Please reach us at 800-3132 or email us at [email protected]

a. Yes, we highly recommend that you be present at home during our first visit so that you can meet the team, show them around and explain clearly what is expected of them.

b. For some services where containment and protective coverings are required, we may require you to leave the house till service completion.

a. We are working Saturday to Thursday from 0800 – 1800 Hrs.

a. We accept payments via credit or debit cards, Bank transfers, online payments, and cash.

a. For pricing, please consult with our customer happiness team at 800 – 3132. We would love to understand your requirements and provide you with best affordable solutions.

a. We do offer preferential pricing to corporates, government entities, their employees and others. Please reach us at [email protected] for further details.