AC Duct & Coil Cleaning


A combination of factors including the climate of the UAE, frequent sandstorms, dust, pet dander, fabric dust, mold and bacteria, among others lead to accumulation of dust and dirt in AC systems.

The accumulation of dust, dirt and mold in AC ducts and coils reduces indoor air quality and may result in hampering the efficiency of the system. Reduced system efficiency can mean more breakdowns and increased energy consumption. This can also cause mold growth, cross contamination, and subsequent material damage. A contaminated system can aggravate preexisting health conditions, and prolonged exposure to these contaminants can cause illness including allergies, asthma, and other respiratory and skin conditions.

It is recommended that residential buildings undergo HVAC system cleaning and sanitation every two years, at the very least, and more frequently, if necessitated upon inspection. Newly constructed buildings are required to undergo post-construction by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA).

If you happen to live in the Gulf; which is characterized by extremely hot, dusty and sandy weather, we recommend a yearly AC duct and coil cleaning.


The benefits of getting AC Duct and Coil cleaning done are multifold, including reduction of allergens and irritants, breathing easier and better, creating a cleaner living environment, as well as improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the HVAC System.

What We Do

The Technology:

We use the latest NADCA certified equipment, along with green cleaning products and natural disinfectant to carry out system cleaning & Sanitization, delivered via highly trained and NADCA certified staff. We offer solutions that are fully compliant with NADCA, SMANCA, ACCA, and QUADCA standards & guidelines.

Our Process:

Our AC Duct Cleaning & Sanitization process involves the following:

1. Complimentary Assessment & Report

Our team of expert staff will visit the venue and ascertain the level of cleaning required and offer you a tailor-made recommendation for the specific service that would be best suited to your needs and requirements.

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2. Pre-Check

Upon arrival our team will re-inspect the HVAC system in terms of its operations, functionality, accessibility and pre-existing hidden damages.

3. Containment & Negative Air Setup

After pre-check, we will cover furniture and floor in the work area to avoid cross-contamination and proceed with setting up our latest NADCA certified Negative Air System for Duct Cleaning.

4. Duct Cleaning & Sanitization

Our latest Duct cleaning system will be used for cleaning of entire ducting reaching all corners removing dust, dirt, molds and other debris. The HEPA Filtration machine will make sure that none of these contaminants shall escape and cross-contaminate.

Disinfection and sanitization of ducting will be carried our using natural, eco-friendly, residue free disinfectant that will be fogged inside using ULV fogger killing viruses, bacteria, molds and neutralizes bad odors ensuring total protection and peace of mind.

5. AC Unit Cleaning & Sanitization

AC Unit will be disassembled based on accessibility and all components will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. AC Coils will be cleaned and sanitized using green and eco-friendly products.

6. Plenum/Cavity Area Cleaning

Return air is taken to the AC from plenum or false ceiling cavity areas. These areas usually contain dust, pest droppings, and construction debris which can cross-contaminate the AC system.

During our process, we will clean and disinfect the plenum / cavity area.

7. Post-Check & Restoration

Now that the system is cleaned and sanitized, we will restore the system and carry out a recheck ensuring that all components are functioning properly.

8. Cleaning & Restoration

Once the process is completed, we will remove the containments and coverings, clean the work area leaving it hassle free.

9. Completion Reporting

A report containing visual of before and after the treatment will be sent within 48 hours, through the preferred channel of communication.

Service Options

1. Complete AC system cleaning and sanitization

Full system includes cleaning & sanitization of all AC components i.e. grills, ducts, coils, blower, drain trays and cavity area

2. AC Duct Cleaning & Sanitization

AC Ducts includes cleaning & sanitization of grills, ducts and filters only.

3. AC Quarterly Cleaning & Disinfection

Contact cleaning of grills, disinfection of ducts, cleaning of drain pans and filters.

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