Disinfection & Sanitization


We come in contact with environmental surfaces such as tables, chairs, doorknobs, phones, shelves, toilet seats and several others multiple times a day, on a regular basis. Consequently, these surfaces tend to accumulate bacteria, viruses and pathogens and can lead to the transmission of illness and disease. It is also crucial to note that most pathogens are incredibly resilient, and can survive on surfaces for months on end, thereby furthering the possibility of spreading illness.

This is especially important in light of the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, which primarily spreads through contact with infected surfaces. In order to mitigate this significant risk, regular as well as professional cleaning, disinfection, and sanitization has become more important than ever before.

At Danube Home Services, we offer professional surface disinfection and sanitization services to ensure a safe and healthy home, office, and school environment, completely wiped clean of any and all illness-causing pathogens.


The benefits of getting your home and workplace environment professionally disinfected and sanitized are exponential. Enjoy protection from harmful disease-causing bacteria and viruses, alongside risk mitigation and a healthy lifestyle- a necessity to complete wellbeing and peace of mind.

What we do:

Technology used:

We use the latest digital fogging equipment that generates fine mist to cover all spaces leaving them fully disinfected and sanitized.

Standards Compliance:

Our products and services are fully compliant with EPA, and Dubai Municipality standards & guidelines. We use only natural disinfectants registered with Dubai Municipality.

The Team:

Our team is skilled & certified to carry out the service.

Our Process:

Our disinfection and sanitization process involves the following:

1. Surface wiping of High Touch Surfaces

During the process all High-Touch Surfaces e.g., doors, handles, railings, and buttons etc. will be thoroughly wiped and disinfected.

Space & Surface Treatment

Area will be fogged using DM approved disinfectant & digital foggers to cover every inch of rooms and disinfect.

Our Disinfection process complies with DM Technical guidelines for disinfection. All generated waste will be discarded in DM facility.

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