Mattress Cleaning & Sanitization


Mattresses require thorough and deep-seated cleaning at regular intervals especially due to the frequency and duration of their usage. Studies show that the average person spends approx. 33 years in bed during their life span. Mattresses are exposed to a number of contaminants including dust, dead skin, body oils, sweat and pet dander, and can become a breeding ground for dust mites. This makes it vital for mattresses to be cleaned and sanitized thoroughly. In addition to that, mattress fabrics are not always stain-resistant, which is why they also need to be treated for stain removal. The absence of regular, professional cleaning and sanitization can lead to problems such as allergies, eczema and various skin and respiratory concerns to arise, which can interfere with one’s quality of sleep. The benefits of getting your mattresses cleaned and sanitized include prevention and management of allergies, improved sleep, and an improvement in overall health and wellbeing.

Deep Cleaning & Sanitization

We follow a seamless and well-rounded technique which includes deep vacuuming, medical grade Patented GUV-C sanitization, and dry steam disinfection.

  • Deep Vacuuming
  • Latest GUV-C Sanitization
  • Dry steam disinfection

Shampoo Cleaning & Stain Removal

Our shampooing process involves the use of spot treatment for stain removal, which is followed by an injection/extraction system. The injection/extraction system injects the shampooing product while simultaneously removing dust and impurities. This process works in a way that ensures no residue and minimal moisture is left behind, which reduces drying time to a minimum, leaving your furniture feeling fresh and clean.

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