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Terms & Conditions

Terms of Usage

  • a. “Danube Home Services” a registered brand name operated under the commercial license of “Danube Bath Solutions LLC” a limited liability company registered in UAE
  • b. By browsing through this website or filling in any contact form on this website, you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions applied to our website, with regards to use of our services.
  • c. Please read these terms briefly before you submit enquiry, booking or order on this website.
  • d. The terms “Danube Home Services”, “Website”, “We”, and “Us” used in the document, all refer to “Danube Home Services”.
  • e. The terms “You” or “User”, or “Your” mentioned in the document refer to the user or viewer of this website or customer of our services.
  • f. The terms “Document”. Or “Agreement” mentioned on this page refers to the terms and conditions of using this website.
  • g. We reserve all the rights to edit, revise or amend Terms and Conditions of use in full or partially without prior notice.
  • h. You must not use this website via a medium that host or transmit computer viruses, spyware, Trojans, key loggers or any other malicious software.
  • i. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you agree that your actions will not hamper the functionality or accessibility of this website.

Service Order Acceptance

a. Our acceptance of our service order request will occur when we will notify you of our acceptance in writing via e-mail, sms, or WhatsApp message.

b. If we are unable to process, accept or process your order, we will contact you in writing or through a call and we will not charge you for undelivered service.

Property Access

a. A responsible person, whether a property owner, representative, managing agent, or a tenant, should enable access to the property to execute scheduled service. Inability to access the property due to the customer not being available, late arrival or non-arrangement of required paperwork e.g. NOCs will be termed as ‘the customer postponed the appointment’.

Safety concerns during Service delivery

a. Health and Safety of our customers, staff and protection of your property is most important to us. Danube Home Services staff will not access locations in the premises if there is a safety risk that can put our staff at risk to execute a specific task. We will try to find practically possible solutions to accessing such areas by mitigating risk as practically as possible.

b. Accessing systems on areas where ladders cannot be installed safely, scaffolds or lifting equipment might be used. An additional fee will be charged, unless fee is specified and included in the agreed service amount. Arranging access to the rooftops for servicing is the responsibility of the customer.

Order Delivery

a. The cost of service, date and time of service execution, special requirements and approximate calculated time will be mentioned and agreed beforehand.

b. Arrangement of Electricity and Water is the responsibility of the customer.

c. If service execution is delayed by an event outside of our control, we will contact you ASAP and update you. We will take effective measures to minimize the effects of such delays.

d. A receipt and tax invoice will be issued upon service delivery. If you have TRN # issued by FTA, UAE, it will be mentioned on your invoice.

e. A Service Completion report will be provided wherever applicable.

f. You may contact us to reschedule or cancel a booking at least 24Hrs prior to the date of service.

g. For undelivered services, you will receive a full refund based on successful prior notice as mentioned above.

h. Refund will be issued as per mode of payment e.g. Credit Card/Debit Card to Credit Card/Debit Card.

Pre-existing Condition of Systems/Content & Ownership

a. If the HVAC or plumbing systems have not been maintained resulting in sub-standard condition. Danube Home Services will update you in writing with recommendations or proposal to take corrective maintenance or repair.

b. If furniture items suffer from the same, or could be damaged during the service due to its delicate nature or color, we reserve the right to refuse the service. We do not guarantee 100% removal of stains, but we do guarantee 100% Sanitization.

System/Equipment Malfunction

a. If a system or part malfunctions, we will investigate if malfunctioning part was due to workmanship of Danube Home Services. If this was the case, we will offer fixing the equipment/system at no additional charge.

b. We offer replacement of malfunctioned parts with new, if customer insists repairing of parts e.g. Motors, PCB etc. Danube Home Services will not be held responsible for any subsequent damages or system failure.


a. By placing a service order with us, you authorize us to use 3rd Party Payment processors that process your debit/credit card details against the invoice amount.

b. We accept payments by Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Wallets, Cash on Delivery, and Bank Transfers made and cleared prior to service delivery. Rescheduling / Cancellations

a. Any rescheduling or cancellation will be accepted at least 24Hrs prior to scheduled time. If case of failure, a cancelation fee might be charged.

Refunds & Disputes

a. Refunds can only be made based on mode of payment used. E.g. Credit Card payments can only be refunded into the same credit card while cash payment will be refunded via Bank Transfer to registered customer name.