• Residential

We at Danube Home Services have curated a host of services catered to providing you with the best quality care and maintenance for your home. Our products and services are geared towards providing the finest home solutions in an eco-friendly manner, and we have a range of services with benefits including better indoor air quality, decreased risk against contracting diseases, cleaner and safer environments, as well as better quality of sleep, among others.

  • Commercial

Workplaces, being large hubs of activity and bustling with individuals, require thorough and multifaceted cleaning, which is why, we at Danube Home Services have dedicated care and maintenance services catered towards corporates. Our state-of-the-art services, carried out by our highly skilled and qualified staff range from AC Duct and coil cleaning to Disinfection and Sanitization, and much more.

  • Hotels/Hospitality

Danube Home Services works with hotels and hospitality chains to provide an unparalleled guest experience by providing cleaning and sanitization services of the highest standard. Through Mattress cleaning and Sanitization service, AC Duct and Coil cleaning, IAQ testing services, we seek to deliver the finest hygiene solutions for a diverse set of hospitality clientele to ensure exceptional customer experience and satisfaction.

  • Hospitals & Clinics/ Health Care

Hospitals, clinics, and labs happen to be places that find themselves exposed to high levels of germs, diseases and infections, making it incredibly important for them to be periodically cleaned and sanitized. We at Danube Home Services seek to provide unparalleled solutions and service to healthcare providers in order to ensure that the highest levels of safety and hygiene standards are maintained.